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These are members of our La Mirada Community that have chosen to support me. Some are elected officials most are neighbors and friends. Their support means a lot to me, it's like a brother and/or sister backing you up and saying to the world  "...hey this is a good guy that you can trust." 

I am EXTREMELY and DEEPLY grateful for their support and trust in me.


If you would like to add your name to this exclusive of special and extraordinary community leaders, just text me and I'll add your name to these community visionaries that can see beyond the horizon.


Friends, supporters and new voters...

Darleen and Kelly Ross

Samuel and Sarah Rickert

Nathan  Aroonprapun

Marie Yokoyama

Vanessa Aroonprapun

Alonzo Valenzuela

Bertha Quevedo

Fernando Fauto

Albert Ace Zamaro

Juan Quevedo

Sophia D Garza

Richard Trujillo

Desire Trujillo

Teresa Trujillo

Carol Trujillo

Elizabeth Alvidrez

Robert and Kristal Holguin

Connie Borge Youngblood

Victor and Imelda Ledesma

Alma Patricia Becerra

Thomas Bader

Devin Earn

Martin Olan

Jane Bansil

Karen Tanner

Zachery Martin 

Gary Abrams

Jennifer Zamaro

Dale and Lisa Friesen

Vic and Nora Aroonprapun



Jorge Robles, PAAC President 

California Correctional Peace 

Officers Association, Parol Chapter


Robert (Bob) Davis, President of the

National Staff Assault Task Force

Supporting injured Sheriff Officers 

and their families after an incident

TANLA  - Teachers Association of 

the Norwalk-La Mirada Area

 Friends that are Elected Officials

from our three School Boards Districts

FYI: There are three school district in Council District  #5

Norwalk - La Mirada Unified School District  

Whittier Union High School District

East Whittier School District


Norwalk-La Mirada Unified  

School Board Members

Jude Cazares, President of the

Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District

Jorge A. Tirado, Board Member

Ana Valencia, Board Member

Darryl R. Adams, Board Member

others pending 

Whittier Union High School District

 Leighton Anderson, President of the

Whittier Union High School District

Dr. Ralph Pacheco, Board Member - Clerk

Tim Schneider, Board Member

Jeff Baird, Board Member

three others pending confirmation


East Whittier School District

Pending confirmations

La Mirada City Council

FYI: Several Councilmembers, have informed me

that there will be no endorsements from any city councilmember for any candidate

running in the upcoming election

for Council District #5

I do consider many of them as friends that have done

a great job for the city and the community.

Therefore, I trust in the wisdom of their

decision and support it.

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