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My Vision 


La Mirada’s future is bright! I am pleased by its steady growth, its fidelity in managing its resources and its unwavering commitment to Public Safety.

I bring 45 years of local business expertise and life experience to our way of life that we have all grown to love. Traditions such as, love of family, safe neighborhoods, jobs, education, no city imposed property and/or utility tax, the care of our elderly and respect for the rule of law. 

My principle vision for our city is simple, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!” 

Yes, there are unmet needs and challenges ahead, however, with the basics mastered and with our secure financial footing; we can navigate these needs and challenges. 

Now for the details…

My first goal is to increase consumer spending in the city. Increasing sales taxes revenues should be on the top 10 list of any city council. The average household income in La Mirada is $83,000 dollars/yr. Multiply that by the 14,000+ households in the city and we have a whopping $$Billion$$ dollars economy in the city! Yet sales tax revenues hover around 10 million dollars or 1.2% of that one Billion dollars. 

We are bleeding money folks, yet no serious effort has ever been undertaken to address this issue in my 45+ years as a resident. My plan is to assist our local business owners by incrementally increasing their sales and purchases by our own residents. My goal is to increase sales tax revenues for the city by a modest 2% to 4% per year, by partnering with the La Mirada Chamber of Commerce, Crowell School of Business and local Social Media outlets. We can develop a long term social media marketing footprint that slowly increases our own awareness to shop and buy in La Mirada those weekly products we use every day. I believe that this first step is achievable in the next 2 - 3 years.


My second goal is to re-build relationships with our community groups. Last year, the La Mirada Soccer Association season was almost canceled due to poor relationships. Except for the La Mirada Chamber of Commerce, there isn’t a community organization that is not losing membership to aging leadership. Each group is having difficulty recruiting, maintaining and growing their memberships in the organizations. I believe this is due to a lack of personal and professional relationships that were so common in the past. 


The cultural identity within the city is constantly changing. This can be a unique opportunity for our community organizations to explore, how best to embrace and share with each other their mutual cultures, histories and traditions. 

My third goal is to maintain and upgrade (where needed) any programs and services that our city provides. In particular, to make Senior and Youth programs more readily available to all La Mirada residents. I will propose when elected, that an annual community conference of all interested community groups be held every two years. This conference will make recommendation to the council in how to best increase membership that build relationships and to be a resource for new residents who wish to more fully integrate into the community. In simpler terms... "Let's just talk."

Finally, as for affordable housing, traffic congestion, infrastructure, homelessness, an aging population and more. These challenges can only be address with the help of other cities in the area with leadership and visionary thinking. I believe I have that skill set to share with the city.


Our city is in needs of a prudent and discerning councilmember in the 5th district, anything less will be courting disaster. Next month in February, your "Vote by Mail Ballots" will arrive in the mail. It would be an honor to have your trust, confidence and vote when you review you "Vote by Mail Ballots" and chose your leaders in 2020.

God bless,

Noel Jaimes.

Romans 8:28

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