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A 1.2 Trillion Dollar Economy

Economics facts that surround our city, The gross Domestic Product for Los Angeles and Orange County is $65,000 and $86,000 dollars, respectively. LA's Gross Domestic Product is a $807 Billion and the OC's is a $291 Billion Domestic Product economy. Between LA and the OC, La Mirada sits in the middle of a 1.1 Trillion Dollar world class economy!

La Mirada's Household income averages $83,000 / yr. There are 14, 371 Households in the city. Multiply those numbers together and we here in the city of La Mirada vreate an income stream of over 1.12 Billion dollars per year! La Mirada will need challenge in the next decade. What better challenge than to tap into this 1.1 Trillion dollar economy between LA and the OC? My Economic Vision for La Mirada is to grow incrementally our sales tax revenues from $10,000,000 / year to $15,000,000 /yr in the next 5 years.

Look at the chart above, every major business business entity is contributing more in sales taxes in 2019 than they did in 2018. As a board member of the La Mirada Chamber of Commerce, I am in a unique position with the right skill set to encourage business to take a good look at opening up a business here. No other candidate can make this economic and business claim and hope to succeed.

La Mirada's Economic Development Team has been successful in their Outreach, Attraction, Retention and Assistance in welcoming new business. The Council has been supportive in their efforts. It is much of the reason why the City won the the Eddy Award this year. Now we as residents must do our part by supporting all business in the city with our dollars.

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