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The Eddy Award

The Eddy Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions

to economic development in La Mirada.

Before one can speak about fiscal responsibility on a city, i.e., a balanced budget. One has to have the tools and the motivation to run your community's financial affairs with some sense of properties. In other words run it like a business for long term growth, development, maturity and eventually like fine wine, well aged.

We are blessed with the best city staff team within 50 miles of the city. Seriously, working for the city of La Mirada is a dream job for many a public works employee in the county. Duty and Service may be an old fashioned words, but you will find them in every city staffer member. From the city manager to the newly hired employee, duty to service is found in every task they rake on for us.

As Mayor De Ruse said recently of the Eddy Award, ",,,this award belongs to staff. They work tirelessly to make this city a wondrous place for us all to live safely in."

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